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Money Saving Tips

There’s little opportunity to really spend a lot of money. The two reasons why most people end up overspending are that they eat a lot of western food and drink way too much. If you want to save money while traveling in this part of the world, you’ll need to cut down the drinking and try to eat as much local food as you can. After all, did you travel half way around the world to eat a crappy burger?

Couch surf

Accommodation is cheap in Southeast Asia but nothing’s cheaper than free! Use Couch surfing to stay with locals who have extra beds and couches for free. Meet great people too.

Book tours and day trips as a group

You have more negotiation power when you’re with a group of people buying multiple things. Traveling alone? Meet a friend at a hostel and see if they want to join the same tour as you.

Eat on the street

You can pick up tasty local fare for cheap! Street side snacks, soups, and noodles will keep your wallet fat! Markets are your best bet for finding seriously cheap food.

Bargain hard

Nothing is ever at face value in Indonesia. Bargain with sellers as most of the time, the price they’ve quoted will not be the price you’ll pay if you bargain!

Minimize your drinking

Drinks really add up. Even with cheap drinks, if you’re not aware, you’ll end up spending more money on beer than on food and accommodation.

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